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What is the lead time?

All orders are custom made. Once payment is received, processing begins. Turn around time is between 3-4 weeks from receipt of payment. 

What is the cost of delivery?

We have a standard shipping fee of R110.

Exceptions are however made for larger or overseas orders, as these may incur higher costs.

How do I choose the colours?

Once payment is received, the colour options will be sent to you via Whatsapp or email. Fabric colours are dependant on availability from our suppliers. Photo's may differ slightly from the colour of the fabric in person.

How do I wash my spandex equipment?

Always wash with cold water to prevent material from getting damaged. Try use as little soap and detergent as possible to prevent fabric from getting ruined, stretched or losing its colour.

Are daisy chains and carabiners included?

No, daisy chains and carabiners must be purchased separately.

How many daisy chains and carabiners do I need?

A 2 point hammock requires 2 daisy chains and 4 carabiners to hang up.

A 4 point cloud requires 4 daisy chains and 8 carabiners to hang up.

How do I attach my swings to the ceiling?

Bolts needs to be drilled into the beams of the ceiling and secured tightly. It is recommended that this is done by a builder or handyman to ensure they are secured properly and to prevent injury.

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